My Ocean Memories

My Ocean Memories

Ocean Conservancy members share their love of the ocean through their favorite ocean memories and experiences. Learn more about our members and their amazing stories.

ocean_story1An abiding love of the ocean was inspired by my parents in Germany who took us each year during our vacations to either the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, to some wonderful island or just on shore. I also crossed the Atlantic Ocean by ship to come to the U.S. I had a most ecstatic and invigorating trip! I would like to see the ocean preserved in its purity forever, free of human-made debris and contamination.

—Elsa, Pittsburgh, PA

One of my most memorable experiences was whale watching in Hawaii. It was awesome to see the gentle, majestic giants up close. Recently I came back from visiting Cancun, Mexico. We released baby green sea turtles every evening at sunset. It was wonderful to see the people of Mexico trying to preserve several species of sea turtles.

—Dina, Palos Hills, IL

ocean_story1I really do feel it – the years I don’t get to see the ocean. I’ve been to the beach nearly every summer since I was young. It’s almost essential for me. It blows me away how much strength you can feel in just a short stretch of beach, and it’s amazing to think just how much more ocean there is, ocean most people don’t see. I feel glad I live only a two hour drive from the beach and that I’m able to see it nearly every year. The summer just isn’t the same without seeing the ocean and getting sand in your hair and on your clothes and in your food. I know a lot of beaches, marine animals and plants in the ocean are threatened. By supporting Ocean Conservancy I don’t have to worry about where best to try to help.

—Anna, Olympia, WA

ocean_story2I have to admit my love of the ocean began as a child. It started due to my favorite superhero, Aquaman. The actual landscape of the bottom of the ocean is vastly underexplored. The animated adventures of Aquaman were fictional but it gave me an idea of what could truly be down there. The surface world is rife with chaos on occasion but the bottom of the ocean all is unparalleled natural beauty much of which has never been seen by human eyes. Even the remote possibility of anything new to discover is important. Any contribution of any value, be it my time, money or even word of mouth, is worth my heart and soul. When I give, I know my fingers are touching a large part of the world hoping the magic rubs off. This is our planet. We must keep it safe from ourselves.

—Bjorn, Elgin, IL

ocean_story3My childhood in New England came with the wonderful gift of growing up near the sea, from Boston’s beautiful harbor, to the sand dunes and tide pools of Cape Cod, to the rocky shores of Gloucester, Rockport and Portsmouth. When I think of the happiest times of my childhood, I’m always brought back to the ocean. Nothing spoke to my heart and soul like the sea, all wild crashing waves one moment and breathtaking glassy calm the next. I love it! I believe that Ocean Conservancy is out there every day protecting what I love. Through Ocean Conservancy, I and like-minded people have the ability to change the world for the better, and ensure that the beauty of our oceans will be passed to the generations that follow.

—Nancy, Cardiff, CA

Scalloping and crabbing in the bay, St. Theresa, with my parents and siblings. Being taught to swim by my grandfather and cousin and boating in “The Petunia.” Squalls so exciting. Playing ball with all the beach kids. Campfires and singing. Teaching my children to sail. Giving to Ocean Conservancy helps me feel my memories will go on.

—Grace, Tallahassee, FL

ocean_story4Some of my fondest memories have been of the times I spent at the beach with my parents and brother, who is no longer with us. These outings occurred when I was a child and also a teenager. Swimming, playing, building sand castles ad walking the length of the shoreline, looking for shells and other treasures was most enjoyable. Now I continue that passion with my sister when we go walking along the beach. The events that shaped my love of the ocean are still vivid and fresh in my mind.

—Frances, Staten Island, NY