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“I want my grandchildren to experience the oceans in an even richer way than I have.”

– Dr. Sylvia Earle

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Charitable Distribution from an IRA

You may use this gift to satisfy some or all of your required minimum distribution from your IRA while reducing your taxable income, even if you don’t itemize. Here’s how it works:

  • You must be 70 ½ or older.
  • An individual may transfer up to a total of $100,000 per year and a married couple may give up to $200,000.
  • Your gift must be transferred directly from the IRA account to Ocean Conservancy.
  • Your gift is a transfer of funds from your IRA to Ocean Conservancy so while it does not generate a charitable tax deduction, it does not create taxable income for you.
  • The transfer of funds can count towards your annual Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA as long as your gift is received by December 31. If you are using a checkbook issued by your IRA administrator to make your gift, please send your gift as early as possible to ensure that it qualifies for a distribution in the current year.

If you’re interested in this popular way to support Ocean Conservancy, download a sample letter for your IRA administrator here.

Honor & Memorial Giving

Honor a loved one’s milestone or memory with a donation in their name to protect our greatest shared resource–the ocean.

Gifts of Securities

You can use stocks, bonds and mutual funds that have appreciated in value and help protect the ocean for future generations. You may receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full market value of the stock (up to a maximum of 30% of your adjusted gross income) and avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the value of the stock.

If you’re interested in this popular way to support Ocean Conservancy, you or your broker should contact Kristen Bicknell before the transfer so that the gift can be properly acknowledged.

Click here for instructions to give your broker.

Gifts of Property

For more information about making a gift of property, please contact Thomas Perkins.

Gifts of Cash

A donation of cash is the most direct way to support Ocean Conservancy. You benefit from a charitable tax credit while you support developing innovative solutions to save our ocean.

You can make your gift online with our secure online donation form or by sending a check or money order by mail to:

Ocean Conservancy
1300 19th Street, NW
8th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20036

If you are sending a check or money order, please let us know if you would like your gift to be used for a specific purpose.

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