Gifts That Benefit Your Heirs

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Gifts That Benefit Your Heirs

Retirement Plan Savings

Since Ocean Conservancy is tax-exempt, making Ocean Conservancy a beneficiary of your retirement plan means that 100% of your gift passes to the organization, which may possibly reduce income and estate taxes.

A gift of retirement plan assets to Ocean Conservancy means that 100% of your gift passes to us with no deduction for taxes that would be levied if the assets are passed to a non-spousal heir.
Beneficiaries Your Heirs Ocean Conservancy
Gift Amount $100,000 $100,000
Income Tax* ($39,600) -0-
Net to Beneficiary $60,400 $100,000
*Based on 2014 maximum income tax rate of 39.6%.

An Annuity with Two Beneficiaries

An annuity can be set up to benefit two people, and provide financial support for a loved one.

Sam, age 79, wants to make sure that if something happens to him, his wife, Louise, age 74 will be financially safe. They are also passionate about the ocean, and want to create a $100,000 gift annuity to benefit Ocean Conservancy. The payment rate for two beneficiaries, age 74 and 79, is 5.2%, resulting in an annual payment of $5,200. If either of them passes away, the survivor will continue to receive the full $5,200 annuity payment each year for life.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This variable income trust pays out a percentage of assets, valued annually. For your donation, you receive an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of your contribution to the unitrust and savings on capital gains taxes if you use appreciated property.

Virginia and Howard have been members of Ocean Conservancy for years. They care deeply about Ocean Conservancy and its future, and have decided to transfer an asset, which they originally purchased years ago for $200,000 and is now worth $400,000, into a 5 percent Unitrust. They are both 67. The results:

  • They avoid $60,000* in capital gains taxes
  • The first year, they receive $20,000 income from the trust. (Future income will rise or fall with the trust asset value.)
  • They receive a charitable income tax deduction for remainder value.
  • They support Ocean Conservancy and ensure a healthy ocean for generations to come!

* assumes combined state and federal capital gains rates of 20 percent